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SKYDIVE TANDEM - Johannesburg - Open 7 days a week!

How do I book a tandem skydive and what does it cost?
All you have to do is phone Jason Richardson 0721507680 or email and then make a reservation on the time and date you would like to jump
Tandem Skydive (Week End Rate) - R 1800.00
DVD and Photos Instructor filming hand camera R400
Optional DVD of Tandem Skydive - R 700* (external camera man)
Optional Photos of Tandem Skydive – R700* (external camera man)
Optional DVD + Photo’s – R800* (external camera man)
Optional Deluxe camera DVD + Photos R900 (External cameraman and Hand camera)
Week day Monday to Friday available, please call for quote
Do you have a weight limit?
For safety reasons we have a weight limit of 95 kg for tandem passengers for your own and our staffs safety.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept cash on the day or EFT payment 3 days before the jump.
Where are you situated?  
Skydive Tandem are based in Johannesburg and makes use of various airfields, about 1 hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria.
What kind of training will I receive?
Prior to your skydive as a tandem student, you'll receive training on what you'll be wearing, how the parachute works, how you'll exit the aircraft, and how you'll maintain a body position in freefall. Your tandem instructor may have some additional training for you as well, depending on your questions and experience level.
How many Tandems jump at one time ?
We normally take 2-3 tandems per load with camera, ideal for couples and friends.
How long will it take to jump?
Expect to spend 2-3 hours at the airfield, sometimes things don't run to schedule and might be
longer.( weather, Aircraft )
What should I wear?
Your clothing should be comfortable, and your shoes should be secure on your feet, like trainers or running shoes. We supply you with a jumpsuit and goggles.
Certificate of Achievment.
Each person who completes a Tandem Skydive will receive a prestigious certificate of achievement.
No alcohol is allowed to be consumed before the tandem jump takes place.
Do you have a weight limit?
For safety reasons we have a weight limit of 100kg for tandem passengers for your own and our staffs safety.
When and under which conditions will you skydive?
We skydive every week end weather permitting from sun up to sundown. Week days by prior arrangement.
I want to give a friend a special present!
We have gift vouchers for all occasions. Voucher's are Valid for 3 months from date of Purchase.
Ok, I loved my tandem, what's next?
 For everyone who would like to get into skydiving we recommend the Accelerated Freefall Program designed to introduce you to skydiving and to help you become a self sufficient skydiver.




Jason Richardson
Cell number - 072 1507680