Skydive Tandem Johannesburg offers the best method for you to get in the air the same day with minimal amount of training. You can experience the thrill of freefall from 11,000 feet on your very first Tandem jump.

Offering the Best Skydiving in Johannesburg.

Regardless of whether you are new to parachuting and planning your first tandem skydive, or an experienced skydiver, Skydive Tandem is the ideal place to make your next skydive. If you live in Gauteng, we may be less than 1 hour away.

After you arrive at Skydive Tandem Johannesburg and sign in. This is followed by a short training session to familiarize you with tandem skydiving procedures. Then you and your experienced tandem instructor will gear up in a tandem skydiving system that is exclusively designed for two people.

Now that you are geared up, it’s time to board the aircraft. Our planes carry up to 9 jumpers, so getting on the same plane with your friends is almost never a problem at Skydive Tandem.

On the ride up to altitude, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the area. Your instructor or Cameraman will film you during your flight as you prepare for your jump!

You will exit the plane with your instructor and feel the thrill of free fall at 200 km per hour. Your skydiving Cameraman is right there with you, catching every moment on film. You’ll freefall for up to 40 seconds or more before the instructor deploys the parachute. You’ll be amazed at how quiet it is as you steer your tandem parachute and fly it down to a landing with the help of your tandem instructor.

You’ll also get a professionally produced and edited Video and photos of your Tandem Skydive.
We email you a google drive link to download your video and photos within 1/2 days of the jump and it is available for 90 days to download.
We sell USB for R100, if you would like it on your USB you welcome to bring a sealed one.